We hope you find answers to any questions below. If not feel free to contact us .

What are the requirements to apply for a grant?

You must be non profit or have a suitable sponsor and supply a copy of your/its 501(c)(3) determination from IRS. Your activity must be in one of the following areas: the arts, the environment, social action, or education.

Why do you need to see a copy of my 501(c)(3) letter?

Law requires it. Your letter will be kept on file if you receive a grant from the Foundation.

If my proposal is turned down, may I apply again?

Yes. But unless otherwise stated in the donation letter, you must wait at least one year.

If I receive a grant, may I apply again?

Yes, but unless otherwise stated in the donation letter, you must wait at least one year.

What range of grants do you give to new grant seekers?

The typical grant to new organizations is approximately $2,500. 

I’m not in Los Angeles. Can I still apply?

Preference is given to organizations in the Los Angeles area. If your program is elsewhere, please contact us before applying to determine  the possibilities.

When is your application deadline?

We have no application deadline. You may submit at any time. Applications are typically reviewed at quarterly meetings. You will usually hear within a few months, perhaps less.

Do you make site visits?

Yes, we occasionally make site visits both to evaluate and simply to observe programs in action.

What may I apply for?

You may apply for operating support and project expenses. You may not apply for fellowships, capital expenditures, construction, or endowment.

My organization is outside the United States. May I apply for a grant?

You may apply if your organization has US IRS 501(c)(3) status or the equivalent for the location being considered. Before applying, however, contact us to determine possibilities.

My organization is not involved with education, the arts, social issues, or the environment. May I still apply?

While we vastly prefer to fund in these areas, if your program substantially contributes to the quality of life—preferably in new ways—we may consider a request. Email or call us to initiate conversation: 310 828 1288

How do I submit my application?

All applications start with an email inquiry; if invited to apply, you will receive an online form.

Should I send videos or brochures with my proposal?

We prefer access to supplemental information by way of your website. If you do not have one, and feel your application requires it, you may send support material to Good Works Foundation, 3501 Moore Street, Los Angeles CA, 90066. Please make it clear the application to which they refer. If you want them returned, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope.